Share A Tweet

Share A Tweet is designed to attract interest in urban birdlife by encouraging audience members to interact with video of local birds. Wireless gesture controls allow the audience to interact by either speeding up or slowing down bird motion or by mixing of two separate video streams to change between one video and another. Often, birds move so quickly that people don’t have an opportunity to really look at them and their songs can be difficult for the untrained ear to hear. Using projected video allows the birds to be seen enlarged, revealing detail that is enhanced by the slowing of their movement. Bird song and sounds are enhanced by original music and amplified to be easily identified with the bird producing the sound.

Share A Tweet was commissioned by the Loco Moto Collective for the “Patterns” event held in August 2014. Thanks to Chris Cameron for the documentary photo, Paul Plimley for piano on “Asian Garden” and Jude Abrams of Otter Be Good  for providing some of the bird video.


  • 2014 Aberthau Community Centre as part of the LocoMoto Collective event, “Patterns” , Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 2014 Aurora Festival, Powell River, BC, Canada
  • 2015 Richmond World Festival, Digital Kontinent Exibit produced by Cinevolution Society


  •  Programmed in Isadora, an object oriented programming system to control media projection
  • Two channel projection using Triple Head 2 Go DP edition from Apple Mac laptop computer
  • Audience wireless control via Arduino Duemilanova attached to 3 Sharp Infra-red sensors

Share-A-Tweet Interactive Installation 2014 from Victoria Gibson on Vimeo.

Documentary footage from the 2014 Aurora Festival, Powell River, BC.