Live Performance

Victoria is a vocalist, electric guitar player, computer musician and composer. Some of her music is on Soundcloud.

Most recent performances have occurred as part of a tour that began in Vancouver, then continued to Waterloo/Kitchener, ON; Montreal, QC (with Sonia Pacco-Rochia example below) and ended in Toronto, ON.


I am usually in Vancouver, BC, playing music with Paul Plimley and others, as part of the Waterloo House Concert Series.

It was really wonderful to have the opportunity to play with Frank Mauceri and Angel Faraldo. The constraint for this improvised music meeting is that none of the musicians can have played together before. This first encounter was an adventure in completly free improvisation.

Oorsprong Curator’s Series, curator for the June 24th, 2013 edition Angel Faraldo (live electronics) organized by Raoul van der Wiede in Amsterdam, NL
Angel Faraldo – curator, live electronics
Frank Mauceri — sax and electronics
Victoria Gibson – vocal, guitar and electronics

Victoria jamming with
Mud Bay Blues Band

The Blues is my heritage and I love to play and write music that fits into that genre.

  I hope to have some recordings of new material soon.

I have always been an activist trying to protect the natural environment and improve social relationships.

In 1995 I wrote the Song for International Womens Day and I try to arrange a performance every year on March 8th.


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