excavating desire/ fouilles pour le désire

excavating desire/ fouilles pour le désire is a composition that provides a structure that encourages free improvisation over a programmed background of audio/visual loops. The work has been performed by Play the Moment in a telematic or network performance that is shown worldwide over the internet. The enabling technology is hosted on an internet site in Australia called Waterwheel administered by artist Suzon Fuks.


All exhibits may be viewed worldwide on the internet in real time and on site at the time of the Canadian and UK festival performances.

    • 2013 Maker Faire, PNE, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • 2013 Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK — (see video documentation here embedded below)
    • 2012 premiere 121212 Festival of Network Performance, New Zealand


NMF2013: Play The Moment – Telematic Concert from Network Music Festival on Vimeo.


  • internet stage hosted at Waterwheel.com in Australia that allows each person to have a live webcam and microphone, plus be able to launch their audio or video material that is previously uploaded to the site.
  • Unfortunately, the Waterwheel site is no longer actively hosting performances as of 2016



excavating desire/ fouilles pour le désire

Movements — Mouvement musical

On the Surface — Sur la surface

Exploring constraints imposed on female desire by society and ourselves — Explorer les contraintes imposées aux désirs de la femme par la société et par nous-même

Digging Deep — Creuser jusqu’au fond

Recognizing our wants and needs — Reconnaître nos désirs et nos besoins

Gathering Courage — Ramasser son courage

Risking societal censure, economic loss or emotional pain requires resolve and strength — Risquer la censure sociale, des pertes économiques ou de la souffrance émotionnelle demande de la résolution et de la force

Flowering of Passion — La floraison de la passion

Acceptance and expression of our own inner identity — L’acceptation et l’expression de notre identité propre

Desires are often hidden underneath layers so we do not even recognize them ourselves. It is a risk to reveal our true self, particularly in personal and intimate situations, but also when revealing oneself as an artist. “excavating desire/ fouilles pour le désire” provides a structure to peel away the layers of constraint and grant ourselves permission to express what we choose to see and hear as art.

Artist Statement by Victoria Gibson

Originally, I conceived of the concept of this work  because I was thinking about same sex marriage, transgender issues and other current news items. As I researched the topic, I formed my own opinion:

Individuals should be able to explore their identity and do whatever it is that makes them happy as long as it does not abuse or subjugate anyone.

Some people claim to feel offended when confronted with certain authentic desires when they do not have an instant interpretation prepared in their moral code, In my statement, am referring to actual injury that could occur, either physical or psycological, that I will term “abuse” or “subjugation”. In my opinion, the desires that injure others are the result of incomplete excavation that would reveal the damage that was inflicted on the individual who becomes an abuser as part of a cycle. I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not promoting any type of abuse, on the contrary, I believe that if individuals excavated their true desires they would find a way to break out of the abusive cycle and discover their true path to fulfillment.

As I considered the hardship of questioning gender identity that I have experienced myself, the idea of this work became a map of my personal journey. Since my youth, I have experienced challenges when undertaking simple activities such as riding a motorcycle, working with technology and playing electric guitar that are male dominated domains. I decided to create this media art work to encourage others to dig into their own identity and excavate their desires. What is the path to your greatest fulfillment as a person?  I use the term excavate, meaning a similar process to the activities of an archeologist discovering a lost civilization. Each layer is removed carefully so no damage is done to the artifacts, but sometimes those desires are buried so deeply that a lot of work is required!

In my case, I discovered that I did not want to be a man. I wanted to remain a woman and expand the list of activities that women are encouraged to pursue. There is a lot to be said on this topic.

Once I had a clear concept, I contacted Sonia Paço-Rocchia who created the logo and translated the musical framework into French. Our proposal was accepted by the 121212 Festival of Network Performance, New Zealand and we were joined by Jude Abrams and Christina deRoos on the internet stage to forming a Play the Moment collective.  Also performed as part of the 2013 Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK and 2013 Maker Faire, PNE, Vancouver, CA.

I owe a deep debt of thanks to Sonia Paço-Rocchia for her interest and support in translating the concepts followed with developing the bilingual proposal and presentation.