Rise Up, Fallen Angel


Rise Up, Fallen Angel is a new paradigm in gallery exhibit that includes the work of 37 visual artists curated by Victoria Gibson then modified in real time by Christina deRoos, as they are displayed on the gallery wall using 3 channel projection. The visual projections are accompanied by improvised music by a trio of musicians who respond to the images and each other.

Artist Statement

The ephemeral strands that connect us; a gesture, a sound, a touch – may trigger cascades of meaning. A glimpse of something peripheral to the main event, catches attention, and is gone — slipping into the crowd. Play the Moment Collective weaves together strands of light and sound to form a tapestry of improvised narrative. The integrated media exhibition, Rise Up, Fallen Angel, brings together a diverse collection of visual creators from many countries who have sent their angels through the internet. We invite you to a primal, emotional experience designed to create an organically resonant, sensory immersion. Satisfy the need for spiritual renewal and tribal ritual in a contemporary context; myth and symbolism invoked using the latest in modern technology. We seek to reinforce the resilience of the human spirit: rise up and overcome the problems we all recognize in our lives, our communities and our planet.

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  • 2011 Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Play the Moment Collective

Victoria Gibson – Curator, Musician (vocal, electric guitar, computer), Composer, Animator, Visual Artist + Technologist

Christina deRoos – Video Artist

Paul Plimley – acoustic guitar

Lisle Ellis – bass, electronics

Thanks to Thomas Bell for technical support, sound engineering and live streaming.

More information about the Play the Moment Collective can be found by clicking here.


  •  Programmed in Isadora, an object oriented programming system to control media projection
  • Three channel projection using Triple Head 2 Go from Apple Mac Quad Core computer
  • Surround sound audio 5.1
  • Live improvised audio performance
  • Live streaming to UStream


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