Experimental Films

Coastal Contours (2017)

Demo Run time: 3min 37sec

Coastal Contours is a project I am working on combining the music of the Paul Plimley Trio and images provided by the award winning visual artist Eric Metcalfe.

I have completed a demo of the first in the series, based on an image that Eric calls “Projections”, in an effort to show the concept to potential funders. The music was recorded at a Waterlou House Concert in October 2016 and this will be the first release of music from the Paul Plimley Trio recorded live in concert.

Coastal_ContoursDEMO-VIX2017c from victoria gibson on Vimeo.

Currently seeking funding to create a DVD using the music of the Paul Plimley Trio and the images of award wining visual artist Eric Metcalfe. The DVD will be called “Coastal Contours” and contain several of these short films. This is a demo quality example to give an idea of the concept because I require funding to fully realize my vision. Difference between a demo quality and final product is my time investment.

Time required – 1. the music track is from the camera, but I have professionally recorded audio that can be mixed and mastered, then synchronized to give much higher quality – 2. this is low resolution video, but the DVD will be in 4k – 3. The masking of elements was done quickly and there is a lot of small improvements that can be made – 4. Background removal on video can be achieved, but it is a time intensive process. Ideally, on some of the selections, the musicians will float over the images, but this is a delicate process requiring a lot of work to achieve on a moving image without a green screen background.

The image of the irrepressible Paul Plimley in the photo was taken from the same October 2016 concert when he was playing the vibraphone. I would enjoy using images like this in the Coastal Contours project, but I must receive funding to create this type of effect in a video. Ideally, the musicians and the painting elements will be independent and able to be moved and effected individually.

See You (2016)

Run time: 1min loop

This experimental film was created as an entry for the Toronto Urban Film Festival, known as TUFF. To be eligible to enter, the film must be exactly one minute long and have no sound because each entry must fit in a space usually occupied by a commercial message shown in the transit system in Toronto.

See-You-2016 from victoria gibson on Vimeo.

A one minute experimental silent film created for the 2016 Toronto Urban Film Festival — actor: Ron Gaskin.

“See You” is something we say as a farewell, but this film seeks to capture the emotion of separation, the ephemeral nature of memory and the final sense of loss, as two friends leave the train station going in opposite directions. Please loop the film to achieve the desired effect.

All of the entries into the film festival are silent, so I inserted a waveform image of my voice saying “See You” near the end of the film. This is a visual sound.

Victoria Gibson is the artist who created the film from concept, camera, editing and effects to final publication.
Thank you to Ron Gaskin for allowing me to use his image.

Working on creating my projected installations has influenced my film making because I enjoy the multi-screen experience, even when I only have one screen!

This film is based on a very short clip that I took in 2011, when I visited Toronto, featuring my friend, Ron Gaskin. I captured the moment when he was standing on the opposite train platform, then when his train arrived, I realized I could see him though the windows like a film with a slow frame rate. I wanted to create a dream-like evocation of memory, so there are many layers of semi-opaque, highly effected clips.

Vote Canada (2015)

Run time: 3min 59sec

I am an activist artist who makes work to open a dialogue. I enjoy working with publicly available information to increase intensity of the message. In this film, I wanted to give a feeling of being overwhelmed and fighting back.

Vote_Canada_2015 from victoria gibson on Vimeo.

Creative Commons Materials Attribution and List of News Articles can be found at this link on my personal blog

Song melody is copyrighted — Lyrics and video are Creative Commons Share-alike Attribution

I copyrighted the melody to stop the film being used inappropriately.


My first experimental film was created in 2009 to play as a background for Pauline Oliveros, Fleck Fellow at Banff Arts Centre. The film is called “A New Beginning: A Playground” — it was shown in the Walter Philips Gallery behind 20 minutes of Pauline’s Concert of the same name.

The film was shown again at a venue in Toronto and on Second Life simultaneously for a telematic concert featuring the Chris Chafe Trio.

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