Victoria Gibson enjoys exploring the beauty of non-linear storytelling through digital media that often encourages the participant to interact with the content. She has the ability to create magic using advanced tools to engage and empower audiences to take control of their art experience. Her complex and experimental works emerge from the nexus of art and technology, but remain accessible and fun.

Victoria’s work explores methods of revealing the past within the present by examining a specific object, person or location using integrated words, sound, music, images and video. Her goal is to offer both insights into societal issues and deeper connections with our histories. Sound + light + motion combine in a holistic multi-sensory experience to create exciting time based art revealed in installation, performance, internet or video publication. She is an early adopter of technology and has participated in international live streaming concerts and media events. Observing the merging of previously discrete art practices within the digital domain, in 2008 she created the term Integrated Media Arts to describe her art works.

Victoria is very concerned about social issues and the environment, causes that have inspired much of her work. Gibson holds a BA major in music from the University of British Columbia and is a resident of Vancouver, BC. (210 words)

50 Word Program Notes

Victoria Gibson, Integrated Media Artist, blends sound + light + motion to create amazing art experiences. Making magic from advanced techniques to spark curiosity. Involving audiences with interactive technology such as gesture control resulting in complex, experimental works that emerge from the nexus of art and technology, but remain accessible and fun.



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