Play the Moment Collective

Founded by Victoria Gibson to realize integrated media compositions and improvisations.

The ensemble is formed for each project with different artists who are interested in each concept.

Past members have included musicians, projection artists, dancers and visual artists.

Play the Moment Collective debuted at the Western Front in Vancouver in the year 2000,with seven players, including Victoria Gibson and Jude Abrams.

Recent PtM Collectives include:

excavating desire/ fouilles pour le désire

All performances improvised using live audio and drawing, with spontaneously manipulated video and audio samples.

>Christina de Roos–projection artist–visual coordination and video

>Sonia Paço­-Rochia –livedrawing, improvised basoon and electronics, project logo design and French language interpretation

>JudeAbrams –piano, percusion, vocals – contributed video

>VictoriaGibson –guitar, percusion, vocals – contributed video, compositional framework

Rise Up, Fallen Angel

All performances containing programmed visual art with real time modifications paired with improvised audio and music.

>Christina de Roos–projection artist– real time improvised manipulation and video

>Paul Plimley – improvised acoustic guitar

> Lisle Ellis – improvised bass and electronics

> Victoria Gibson – electric guitar, vocals, electronics, curator and programmer

Thanks to Thomas Bell for sound technology, venue support and live streaming.


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