Victoria Gibson is available for contract work!

  • Projection programming for events, live theatre or art installations
  • Websites – specializing in self managed WordPress with set-up, full instruction and support
  • Sound Design – music composition, sound effects and custom audio
  • Rich Media Content – video editing and finalizing, titling, sound track,
  • Graphic Design – logos, posters, business cards for print or web
  • Social Media Marketing – newsletters, facebook, twitter — use the blogosphere!
  • Project and Event Management – administration for your project or event
  • Audio Recording and Mastering – Vancouver studio or field recording available, mastering with System 6000


I specialize in setting up self-managed WordPress sites with an emphasis on rich media content and social media integration. Learn how to manage and update your own website. I teach and support WordPress after the initial setup.

Have your own blog, display your work or sell items in your store using WordPress.


Amphibiographer landing page autoplays video

The Amphibiographer
Full package of web design, newsletter and facebook page with instruction for self-maintenance. Website landing page is auto-resizing responsive using html5  — opens to self-managed wordpress. Full rich media content. Jungle River logo.


Otter Be Good Productions Landing Page
Auto-plays sound file

Otter Be Good Productions
Website landing page is responsive auto-resizing html5 — opens to self-managed wordpress. Full rich media content.


Before VIXmedia WordPress consultation
No involvement in this site




  Before the wordpress consultation the client could not update her site.

  She wanted the images to be larger and for the image to show the shop ID.




After WordPress and plug-in consultation



After consulting, the client can update her site without a programmer.

The images are larger and the plug-in shows shop info on mouse-over.

(Centre image)


Nous Marions/Let’s Get Married — Wordpress consulting. Design and plug-in advice. WordPress instruction.



Chris Cameron on Photoshelter
Photoshelter is a large photography site that protects photos from copying while displaying them. My role was to set up the site, provide organization and instruct the client on self-management.

A wordpress site is under construction using the photos from the Photoshelter galleries.


Logos and print projects

Otter Be Good Productions Two DVD covers – print design for People Love Turtles and The Treasure Fish of Texada Island

Play the Moment logo2

Logos for my own projects include Bandwidth and Play the Moment Collective


Social Media Marketing

Complete packages include set up of facebook, twitter and other appropriate social media with a direct e-mail newsletter.

Project Management

My project management experience is in two industries: music/arts events: including live events and studio recording and mastering or book/magazine publishing: including product design, advertising, web design, marketing, CRM (Salesforce), database administration, website backend, social media marketing and teaching.

Audio Recording and Mastering

Countless projects.

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